I Wonder If Anyone Would Take a Gander

11:26 pm 30DC Cross Training

OK, Day 4 of the Thirty Day Challenge is well done and over. I’ve done my “unforgettable five” as soon as I complete this post. We tarried long after the swimming lesson and I didn’t get to see if my niche competition got critiqued.

I have to say that I’m a bit worried about that. After watching other people getting analyzed I realized that maybe I’m hosed because of page rank. Here have a look for yourself…

My biggest concern is that all the top six are page ranked at 3, 4, or 5. But it doesn’t look like there’s been much optimization until you get to number 6.

I would sure appreciate any seasoned appraisal. You can catch me here, or on FriendFeed, Twitter, or just about anything else as MyklK (On the 30DC I’m just Mykl).

I still need to get over to the 30DC Cross Training room for some accountability. But I’m running out of steam for tonight. I’ll just Tweet about this post and call it a night.