Technically it’s month 491, day 9 for me

12:42 am 30DC Cross Training

I am getting into gear, I have my niche set, I have made an entry, and I’ve done some social posting.  Next I will need to join some forums and keep pounding my site.  I’m looking to get those 200 views.  Slipperiness isn’t a concern for me right now.

I’ve even made a video for YouTube to post – it’s not finished uploading just yet.  Although I’m tired, I feel like I’m really making progress.  I don’t have anything profound other than this status report to share.

In keeping up with my ‘unforgettable five’ I missed my blog post for Friday – but other than that I’m on track.  That is good.  I’m waiting for these things to become habit.  I’ll be curious to see when or if that ever comes to pass.