Wow, busy weekend.

8:26 pm 30DC Cross Training

Doing something practical for exercise

I’m trying to consistently exercise through the month of August to get a good habit started. Since I’m taking swimming lessons with my kids – I’m counting a few extra laps as my exercise for those days. And I got tired of messing with a lawn mower that I’m not capable of fixing or maintaining, so I bought an old timey drum blade push mower. No gas, just muscle power. Is that a work out or what!

How’s the Thirty Day Challenge coming along?

I have been keeping up so far with the 30DC. I’ve tried a few niches. I’ll be interested in submitting mine for critique. I just have to keep my eyes peeled for the instructions. There is a new analysis tool for this year called the Market Samurai. It’s a little complicated, and it’s slow gathering results. Of course it’s doing a lot of queries under the covers, so it might be understandable that it’s going to take a little time to process.

I’m hopeful that this year will be more productive for me than last year. I’d sure like to quiet the nay sayers… Both internal and external.

In other news

I am unemployed until at least Wednesday and maybe until next week. I have to wait and see if the company I made a proposal to actually decides to take up the offer. They said they would, but I don’t count on anything until I have a signed contract.

Well, this completes my ‘unforgettable five’ activities for today! Yahoo! 3 days in a row. See you again tomorrow.