Mounting Pressure – Confluence or Conflagration?

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There is a sense of vertigo that I get whenever events seem to squeeze in on me. There seems to be a lot of action and motion going on and I stand in the middle of it. The question is – is this the coming together of many streams in my life into a confluence of purpose and meaning? Or is it a wave of fire sweeping up to me to leave me as a pile of ash. The only way to know is to wait and see.

I had a terrible day at work yesterday. The project was to end and be completed now has 2-3 major bugs that have to be investigated, uncovered, and rectified. It was quite a setback, emotionally as well as professionally. So I will have to be putting more mental energy there. However at the same time I’ve been trying to get on top of some consistency in putting up content to the Internet and build a legitimate presence there (er, here?). I have a calendar that I’m holding myself to. I am talking to another netizen who is traveling a similar path about holding one another accountable. And I’m putting web parts and pieces together to provide a stable platform to build a community, or a tribe, upon.

I’m getting some structure to my mornings, which are my big productivity hours before I have to run off to my j-o-b. As usual (for me) too many ideas, not enough action. But this year starts the new era of action. Not starting with a burst out of the gates, but more of the measured stride of the marathon runner. But I see the motion around me, and in me, so I’m turning a rough day around to a positive starting place.

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Managed a Few Steps in the Morning

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This morning I was able to start working on my Google Reader account. I was looking at Ed’s list of things for going into 2010. He talked about needing fuel for content. And if I’m going to make this blog calendar thing work – I’m going to definitely need some fuel. So I did started looking for places to get some fuel for content. I’m sure I could make some adjustments, but I already found two articles that caught my fancy – and that was just while setting the feeds up!

I also listened to a 48 Days podcast talking about whether or not it was Godly or a lack of faith to set personal goals. That could be a discussion or a blog post for sure. I wonder if people would take sides on an issue like that? I also listened to some more audio on podcasting and trying to get that under my belt.

Tonight I have a Skype call with someone who may partner up with me for accountability. I know I could sure use it. And I think I’m capable of giving as good as I get. We’ll see about that… Until tomorrow.

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The Week of Blogging

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Time to try something new. Time to see about making things stick. Time to inaugurate a new ritual. Time to make the power of habits work for me instead of against me. Time to get going.

It would seem that 2009 was a bad year for writing to this blog. I stopped at the end of ’08 and now it’s late February in 2010! I haven’t decided if it matters much that I have older posts on here from my attempts at getting started as an Internet marketer. I think it’s quaint and if you see the history there – then you know I haven’t decided to nuke them.

Those old posts will stay for now mainly because I want this site to be a bit messy. I don’t want to get all up tight because it isn’t perfect, because I’m not perfect and I don’t want any of my internally voiced excuses to pull me down. It is what it is and I’m going to make incremental changes and improvements instead of trying to “unveil a masterpiece.”

I have created a blogging schedule and we’ll see how it maps out. Basically I’ll be writing something to publish on Thurs – Sun. So Mon – Wed is idea generation time and preparation time. It may be too big of a bite to handle. Maybe I should start small and master just one post a week for a while. Maybe I should get some momentum going.

Or maybe it’s just time to take action, to get started, maybe it is time to try something new.

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Tweets on 2008-07-14 from Twitter

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  • Starting at a new client site today. This is going to be a fast three weeks. #

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Tweets on 2008-07-08 from Twitter

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  • @Ed_Dale in pre-season my Flock has dropped for the 3rd time, evil PC ? Should there be a Firefox alternative before August? Just in case? #
  • @CaroMcC If your site is anything like your forum prowess – it will be fantastic. Still remember your 30DC III insigts… You go girl! #
  • I have a new contract (job) starting Monday (07/14/08). I didn’t even have to interview! I’m either real good, or they’re real desperate 😉 #

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Things Done Well for Month 490, Day 3

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Yesterday I updated this site and some of the associated components.  This includes the component that integrates with Twitter.  It seems that it isn’t working as I expected.  In addition to the tasks I wanted recorded from that system, I wanted to also record some of the other things I completed yesterday.

  • I put Laura’s VBS signs back out.  I didn’t have the key to the church so I just used the bent posts we already had.  At least the signs are back up and we can replace the posts as needed.
  • I mailed out my last two mentored Peacemaker cases, since the e-mail versions are having a hard time getting through.
  • I went to the server location and inventoried supplies for my business partner.
  • I updated the church web site to include rotating pictures – finally.  This required that I load the demo template using WAMP and then see how they did things in the demo.  Pastor has been waiting a long time for this.

If the Twitter report doesn’t come back, I’ll have to amend this with entries from there manually.  Automation is so cool when it actually works.

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

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  • My server has been hacked – some doofus from Texas is sending spam from MY SERVER! 🙁 #

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(Update – I wasn’t hacked. I talked to my server management at Rose Hosting and they explained that there would be outbound spam in my mail que if that were the case. Spammers don’t mind bringing a mail server to its knees, because there are so many out there unattended. But someone had logged in. So I changed all the passwords on the system and we were back in business a day or two later. I didn’t want this misconception left out there without a follow-up. 7-4-08)

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18

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  • Wow! I just experienced my first earthquake EVER! St. Louis MO doesn’t get many of those babies!! #

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Set of Sail towards 2008

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I haven’t posted at all through December. But I don’t want the current to slip by without making some mention of where I’m going. My last post mentioned some musings I was having about direction. I’m settling down to something more concrete. For one thing I’ve decided on just one book to work on for starters. Focus… focus. The working title is Set of Sail.

I’m working on consolidating some other goals. I currently have a list of 12 for 2008. I’m trying to decide if I can live with such a deluge or whether I should try for 10, 7, 5, or maybe just 3. You’ll know in just a few days – because I will post back here before the end of the year (this is why I added the Will Do category to this post).

I’m also getting some experience with audio and video on blogs from our family blog over at thekelseys.  Hopefully this will translate into a more media savvy web presence in general and ultimately a stream of income from putting together an audio or video package of helpful information.

Laura’s headed off to the grocery store and I better get ready for my last day of “in the office” work this year (tomorrow is my last “work from home” day for the year).

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October draws to a close

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As October crawls into the past, things seem as hectic as ever. I’ve neglected chronicling my antics as I geared up for the Iowa-Missouri Peacemaker Retreat that my wife and I presented. It went very well and I think a handful of people are motivated to make changes in their homes and communities. The week before we were at a church presenting on the same topic. So the last half of this month has been dedicated to Biblical conflict resolution and interpersonal reconciliation.

So what of November? I would like to see November become a month of shoring up bookkeeping, for the business, for the home, and for my personal projects. I also expect to get some web content/applications moved, updated, and created. And lastly, I want to make some measurable strides in getting at least one of the three books in my head out into electronic form. This has already begun, but the expectation is measurable progress through November.

On the family front, we’ll have a visit from my Mom for about 20% of the month (almost a week). I’ve taken each of the older kids out for time with dad. But I’d like to find some projects around the house to do together. There needs to be some more effort in this department. What could November contribute?

That should make month #482 a valuable month. I still have a couple of days for planning and I hope to take advantage of that. Getting up too early this morning has contributed to that goal, however.

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