15,000 days

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Today was my 15,000th day since being born.  It’s a great time to ask, “And what have you done with 15,000 chances?”

I have decided that taking action is what needs to be done in the next 15,000 days.  So stay tuned to see just what’s going to happen.  (Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?)

I want to have a social network using Joomla!

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I’m trying to get a web site up and going. It has the potential to have definite social networking component to it. It’s running under Joomla! 1.5.7 (for now) and I’m looking for some extensions to really allow for interactivity.

Everyone recommends Community Builder. I guess I never figured that thing out. It just looks like a really fancy way to enhance user profiles. And without giving you extended group and private groups and all the things I wish Joomla! gave you out of the box. Maybe it does and I am a neophyte in the ways of CB. Then on top of that I guess I need to add FireBoard, something for media sharing, and something like GroupJive I guess for teams and such.

I have also tried to integrate with KickApps. It looked promising, except that would be splashing adds on my site. Not the end of the world, but not really desirable either. Plus I could never quite get the single sign on module to work. Again, I don’t think I understand how that is supposed to work. You have your users browsing back and forth between your site and the KickApps site.

Maybe I should just try to grow my community on Facebook or FriendFeed or Twitter or something… I just found out about a new alternative coming out from rmcStudio – it seems rather new and untested though.

Maybe there is something better suited out there. If I were really motivated, I could look into writing or contributing to an Open Source project to achieve this goal myself. I am not motivated.