Watching the NBA Finals, So Close

10:11 pm Will Do

I love a good series.  Back and forth.  I didn’t grow up a basketball fan.  In fact, I was resentful when a coach sought me out and asked me to try out for a team.  “You only want me to play because I’m tall.”  I was young and foolish – being tall’s a real advantage on the court.

But in the finals of ’93 with the Suns vs. the Bulls I finally developed an appreciation for the game.  Granted, I’m a fair weather fan and only get interested towards the end of the season.  I used to complain that it seemed like all the action happened in the last 3 minutes of the game.  Why not just skip to that and just play an intense 3 minute game.  You could play two or three a day!  Much more exciting…

I then realized something.  You had to attain a certain level, you had to persevere to a certain point to be “in the hunt” for those final three minutes to matter.  When two teams qualified to battle it out for those last 3 minutes – then it finally became the game within the game.  But you had to be worthy to make it to that place.

We have to qualify, we have to do the work, we have to take the action to be able to be there for those final seconds where so much drama and so much potential for victory or defeat are put before us.  Do the small things that will get you there,  I’ll endeavor to do the same – and in the end we can leave it all on the court and be satisfied with that.

This year we lost, but you can’t say we didn’t fight hard.