Blogging – does it have to be so hard?

Will Do No Comments

For years I’ve been looking for easy ways to get thoughts and ideas out onto a web page.  Yeah, most people call that blogging.  Consistency is always a big hurdle for me.  This blog is a testament to that fact.

I couple months ago I found a service that would connect with Evernote and allow me to automatically post things I wrote in there.  Well it got a little flaky and it didn’t have some of the functionality I wanted.  So I decided to just get back over here and use this old site as a proving ground and slowly fix it up as I have ideas, opportunity, and inspiration.

But what do I do with those original posts?  I could just copy them over here in one lump.  Since blogs are dated (like a journal or log, hence the name), I could back date them and fit them into the time stream as they originally came out.  But that seems like cheating somehow.  Creating an alternate history.  So here’s my idea.  I will repost them with a little introduction and that way they’ll be inserted here organically and they won’t be lost (not that they’re any great treasure of wisdom, only of effort).  And I’ll be able to get into the swing of doing things the “hard” way by posting directly to the admin side of the blog.

Now if only I could get motivated to update the fonts and graphics around here…  hmm, not really my thing.

Update: So one thing to fix is the time stamps.  This had me posting an hour earlier than I did.  Silly daylight savings.  How much daylight do you have in your savings?  Let me know.