It was bound to happen…

11:16 pm 30DC Cross Training

Well here’s the end of day 6 and I’ve fallen off my plan. I only completed 20% of my plans. I got thrown off by having my swimming exercise canceled and I didn’t get thing rectified before going to bed. And today was just crazy trying to do the 30dc and getting a blog together. Here we are at the end of day 6 and not much is completed.

There were some things accomplished today, however. For one thing, I have confirmed that I do have a work contract that starts up soon. So I will start getting paid again. Getting paid is a good plan to tide me over until I get my Internet empire rolling 😉

And I did go to a 30dc meet-up tonight. It went very well and I think there will be opportunities to help each other from meeting.

See you on day 7.